Project Structure

Work Package 1: Management and coordination

Task 1.1 Overall Project Management

Task 1.2 Progress monitoring including reporting

Task 1. 3 Quality Assurance Plan and Management

Task 1.4 Data Management Plan

Work Package 2: Guide and baseline for organizational behavioural changes

Task 2.1. Describing the current practice of capacity building

Task 2.2. Linking practice to theory on behavioural and organisational change

Task 2.3. Data collection and analysis in 15 pilot companies

Task 2.4. Setup of a benchmarking baseline

Work Package 3: Ad-hoc staff training courses, interventions and methodology design

Task 3.1. Definition of the capacity building programme format

Task 3.2. Assessment of cultural, organizational and behavioural aspects

Task 3.3. Assessment of technical aspects on energy efficiency

Task 3.4. Overall methodology detailed design

Task 3.5. Development of INDUCE toolkit

Task 3.6. Design of a monitoring and evaluation plan

Work Package 4: Capacity building programme implementation and results monitoring

Task 4.1. INDUCE methodology testing at the Pilot Companies

Task 4.2. Methodology fine-tune for replication

Task 4.3. Development of the course and training material for trainers

Task 4.4. Training the trainers in INDUCE methodology

Task 4.5. Results monitoring

Work Package 5: INDUCE methodology validation and impact assessment

Task 5.1. Overall evaluation of INDUCE methodology

Task 5.2. Best practices assessment and future potential

Task 5.3. Documentation on final outputs and interaction with regulatory framework

Task 5.4. Final adaptation of the methodology towards exploitation

Work Package 6: Communication, dissemination and exploitation

Task 6.1. Development of the Communication Strategy

Task 6.2. Creation of dissemination material

Task 6.3. Dissemination and communication actions

Task 6.4. Exploitation strategy and business plan development

Task 6.5. Stakeholders identification and engagement